Innovative Solutions For Today's Markets

We offer one of the most flexible clearing and execution platforms in the industry coupled with unparalleled client service.


We have extensive experience servicing clients with high expectations, including:

  • Emerging Hedge Funds

  • Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs)

  • Active Individual Investors

  • Professional Traders

  • Proprietary Trading Groups

  • Quantitative Strategy Funds


Our experience has grown over more than three decades beginning with servicing market makers and traders with Sage Clearing Corp. and continuing today with SageTrader. Our proven professional team has built upon this history to ensure that we cover all of the areas that are so important to the success in servicing today’s traders.


In everything we do, we listen to our clients and create unique solutions that drive up customer satisfaction.


Our technology allows us to customize solutions for each individual client in ways traditional firms cannot or will not. For us, it's simple; we want to exceed your expectations.

The SageTrader Team
The SageTrader team includes a staff of seasoned professionals who have successfully developed and enhanced client focused business models at both Sage Clearing and PreferredTrade over the last 30 years.
Clearing & Execution
Our Clearing Firm Partners
The Sage System is SageTrader's own proprietary software used for back office reconciliation. The Sage System has been reliably serving clients for over 30 years.
SageTrader facilitates trades using API or through various EMS platforms.
SageTrader allows access to a centralized, online marketplace for a plethora of financially actionable, informative, and reporting applications thorugh our partnernership with Airex market.
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