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Legal Notice

The SageTrader, LLC ("SageTrader") website has been designed for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any security, which may be referenced upon the site. Such offers can only be made where lawful under applicable law. The services and information provided through this site are for personal, non-commercial use and display. SageTrader does not intend to provide investment advice through this site and does not represent that the securities or services discussed are suitable for any investor. Investors are advised not to rely on any information contained in the site in the process of making a fully informed investment decision. SageTrader does not, and this site does not, intend to render tax or legal advice.


This site has been published for use by SageTrader LLC clients and client entities. Investors outside of the United States may be subject to securities laws and tax regulations of the United States as well as subject to securities law and tax regulations within their applicable jurisdictions that are not addressed on this site. No security, investment advisory service, or other product or service will be offered or sold in any jurisdiction in which such offer or solicitation, purchase or sale, would be contrary to the securities laws or other local laws and regulation. U.S. investors should be advised that not all investments discussed on this site might be available in all states.


News, views, opinions, recommendations and other information obtained by SageTrader from sources outside of SageTrader are believed to be reliable, but we cannot guarantee their accuracy or completeness. All such information is subject to change at any time without notice.


The accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information contained on this site cannot be guaranteed. SageTrader does not warranty, guarantee or make any representations, or assume any liability with regard to financial results based on the use of the information in the site. SageTrader is not liable for any harm caused by the transmission, through accessing the services or information on this site, of a computer virus, or other computer code or programming device that might be used to access, delete, damage, disable, disrupt or otherwise impede in any manner, the operation of the site or of any user's software, hardware, data or property.


The use of this website is at your own risk. Customers accept at their own risk that the Internet communications medium may not perform as intended despite the best efforts of SageTrader, including their network service providers, the customer's Internet service provider, and the customer. SageTrader presents information, pricing data and customer account information that are thought to be reliable and accurate. SageTrader does not guarantee the timeliness, sequence or accuracy of the data or any other information available through this service. In addition, the customer agrees to immediately notify SageTrader if they become aware of any loss, theft or unauthorized use of their access number(s), password(s), and/or account number(s).


"Hypertext links" and /or "hyperlinks" to or from other Internet sites may be introduced at times as a convenience to the user. SageTrader assumes no responsibility for the content of any linked site. The fact that such links may exist does not indicate approval or endorsement of any material contained on any linked site.


All securities business with SageTrader is conducted based on written agreements between the customer and SageTrader and its clearing firm. These agreements are the only contractual relationship between SageTrader, and its customers and the terms of those agreements are binding on both parties. No other representation, whether made in person, verbally, written or on-line electronically in written, graphical or verbal communication may change the terms of those agreements.


All customer orders accepted by SageTrader are considered unsolicited. SageTrader reserves the right to decline accounts and orders of established accounts at its discretion.

FINRA BrokerCheck

Pursuant to FINRA Rule 2267, SAGE reminds clients of the availability of information from FINRA. Specifically, the Public Disclosure Program from FINRA BrokerCheck is for clients to gain access to information about securities firms and their personnel. The information provided by BrokerCheck may be requested by calling FINRA’s BrokerCheck Hotline Number (800) 289-9999 or by visiting the FINRA website at

September 2019

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