Institutional Trading

Powerful Smart Order Router Technology for Institutions

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Smart Order Router technology

Empowering Institutional Traders with SageTrader

SageTrader offers institutional traders a powerful suite of tools and technologies to navigate today's dynamic markets. Our Smart Order Router technology is highly customizable, providing both Sell side and Buy side firms with unparalleled control over their trading strategies.

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Institutional Product Suite

Executive Broker Workflow

Experience a seamless trading journey with our executive broker workflow. From FIX connectivity with any EMS/OMS to integration with certified platforms such as Bloomberg, Sterling, DAS, TradeZero, Etna and others, we ensure that our clients have a comprehensive suite of tools at their disposal.

Our real-time pre-trade market manipulation surveillance sets us apart, empowering clients with effective risk management.


Intelligent Routing

Maximize liquidity capture at low costs with our advanced routing logic. Our Direct Market Access (DMA), Smart Routing, and Liquidity Seeking Algorithms provide access to Exchanges, Dark Pools, and Market Makers.

SageTrader offers flexibility in your trading journey with custom institutional and retail routes. Tailor your routes to align with your specific trading strategies, ensuring that your orders are executed exactly as you intend.

Compliance & Risk Management

We prioritize the integrity and security of our clients' trading activities through our commitment to market regulation. We implement robust measures to ensure a secure and transparent trading environment.

Real-Time Pre-Trade Market Manipulation Surveillance and Prevention

SageTrader takes a proactive approach to market integrity. Our cutting-edge system incorporates real-time pre-trade market manipulation surveillance and prevention tools. This unique feature sets us apart in the industry, providing clients with an added layer of protection against potential market manipulation.


Personalized Risk Management Console

Empowering our clients is central to our philosophy. With SageTrader, clients have direct access to their personalized risk and monitoring console. This console offers real-time insights into their trading activities, allowing for informed decision-making and continuous monitoring of their risk exposure.

Self-Managed Limits

Flexibility is key in today's dynamic markets. SageTrader empowers clients to set and manage their own trading limits through our intuitive platform. This feature enables clients to align their trading strategies with their risk tolerance, putting control directly in their hands.

Our commitment to compliance and risk management extends beyond industry standards, ensuring that SageTrader remains a trusted partner in your trading journey.

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Post-Trade Services: Beyond Execution

At SageTrader, our commitment to excellence doesn't end with trade execution. We believe in providing comprehensive post-trade services that enhance efficiency, transparency, and control for our clients.

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Same Day Billing

Efficiency extends beyond trade execution with our same-day billing and white-label billing reports. We understand the importance of swift financial processes, and our integrated system ensures that your billing is processed on the same day as your trades, a level of financial agility that sets you apart.

Reporting Excellence

Unlock a spectrum of reporting options designed to meet your unique needs.

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    Real-Time Reports

    Stay on top of your trades with real-time reporting, providing instant insights into market movements and your portfolio.

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    End-of-Day Reports

    Comprehensive summaries at the close of each trading day for a thorough review of your performance.

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    Historical Reports

    Delve into the past with historical reports, offering valuable data for strategic decision-making.

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    Custom Reports

    Tailor your reports to suit your specific requirements, ensuring that you receive the information that matters most to you.

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White-Label Reports & Billing Statements

Customization is at the core of our services. SageTrader provides white-label reports and billing statements tailored to our clients' branding, a powerful tool for client engagement.

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Sage Locates Service

Unlocking Opportunities in Short-Selling



At SageTrader, we go beyond standard post-trade services to offer a unique and valuable Sage Locates Service. This service is designed to empower our clients with an expanded short-selling locate inventory at a more competitive cost. Developed in collaboration with Lynx Trading Technologies, our innovative approach to locates is a game-changer in the world of trading.

Lynx Trading Technologies' Price Optimization Algorithm

Our partnership with Lynx Trading Technologies brings forth a cutting-edge price optimization algorithm. This algorithm evaluates and captures short-selling locate availability from all of SageTrader's locate brokers. This ensures that our clients have access to a broader pool of locates, giving them a strategic advantage in the market.

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Key Features


Expanded Locate Inventory

Lynx Trading Technologies' algorithm ensures that our clients can unlock an expanded locate inventory, providing more opportunities for short-selling.


Competitive Pricing

The price optimization algorithm is designed to secure locates at a lower cost, allowing our clients to maximize their returns while minimizing expenses.


Strategic Edge

By leveraging our Sage Locates Service, traders gain a strategic edge in their short-selling activities, enabling them to make more informed and profitable decisions.

Ready to take your institutional trading to the next level?

Join SageTrader and benefit from highly customizable Smart Order Routing technology, efficient access to liquidity, low-cost execution, and robust compliance tools.

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If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how we can support your trading aspirations, don't hesitate to call us at (646) 837-0050.